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Our Unique Features:

False Clicks Detection & Blocking

Our software records each visit that goes through GoogleAds to your website. Nobody saves us from a first click, from there, we can work to block future atacks that harm our campaigns.
We analize and Identify Bots, Click Frams and malicious visitors quarintining those IPs and adding them to the GoogleAds exlclusion list, making sure they are unable to see our Ads again.

No matter what IP version the visitor is using we block IPv4 and IPv6.

Maximize your investment and efficiency on each campaign, raising over the roof your Return on Investmnet (ROI).

Keywords Optimization

One of our bests features. ClickFraudFree allows to review which words have been used

We use a simple interface to list and manage which search terms have the users used to found your website, ADD or EXCLUDE them in through ClickFraudFree and directly update them in your GoogleAds campaign..

Not only we can avoid malicious clicks but also raise your efficiency offering our product or service directly to the more insteresting leads.

GeoLocation Auto-Update

Stablish the geolocation for your campaigns through ClickFraudFree. Restricting our content by cities, countries, etc.

Every 24 hours our interface will detect and update the changes in the location in our Google AdWords campaign. You won't need to update the information manually, increasing the efficiency in IP blocking and saving you time.

Other programs require too exclude all other locations except those we are interested in, we make it way easier and automatic.

Automatic Google Claim Mail

Google allows us to claim a refund from those clicks that are proven to be fraudulent or ilegitimate (For example, the ones from bots).

ClickFraudFree generate each month an automatic email with all the needed information, date, time, location, keywords, account and campaign to claim Google for your money back.

Time Based Blocking

The time we block an IP is not defined by default, we can adjust it in our user interface for our best needs.

One day, one week, one month or forever, that IP will not be able to see our Google Ads during the time you determine.

Taylor Made Protection

Your business has its own characteristics so we thought it is for the best that you are able to adjust all the parameters on the blocking system to manage your traffic to your page through AdWords.

Restrictions by KeyWords, by location, by click , by device type, by time the Ad is shown,...ClickFraudFree is able to adjust exactly to your needs that other programs won't allow you.

Reliable IP Record

We have verified that other similar softwares to ClickFraudFree do not have a rigorous record of the IPs that visit your web or even falsify the record.

We keep a reliable record of each and every visit that visit your web and those that have been blocked. They will all appear in the control panel of ClickFraudFree.

Over millions of clicks filtered through Click Fraud Free every month

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