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Click Fraud Free stands as a robust solution against PPC fraud, ensuring your ad campaigns stay secure. Protect your budget, prevent click best streaming documentaries fraud, and guarantee optimal performance with our advanced security measures.
  • PPC Fraud Solution
    Defend against PPC fraud and safeguard your budget with Click Fraud Free.
  • Click Fraud Prevention
    Bid farewell to fraudulent clicks and ensure a cost-effective ad experience.
  • Budget Protection
    Trust Click Fraud Free to secure your investment and protect your campaign budget.
  • Ad Campaign Security
    Elevate your ad campaign security with Click Fraud Free, ensuring protection from the threats of click fraud.
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Ensuring Your Protection from Fraudulent Activities

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Non-human internet traffic, computer programs created to imitate a real user. Accounted to be the 52 % of online traffic, 29 % of them identified as harmful for your campaings.


Click Farms

Low-wage workers hired to click on your paid advertising links, the most difficult ones to detect as they mimic a normal user behaviour. We can detect and block them.



Mean competitors & brand haters, use this tactic to remove your PPC Google ads form the search engine, clicking repeatly themselfs and attacking your business or product.


How we secure your campaigns with ClickFraudFree

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We Monitor

24 hours, 7 days a week, ClickFraudFree protects your campaings. Our software records the data of each and every visit that goes through your website identifying any threats.


We Analyze

Click fraud scammers vary in nature and method of execution. Nobody can save us from a first click, but from there we can work and analyze to identify and classify all visits.

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We Block

Tracking invalid and fraud clicks, Click Fraud Free automatically add this visitors IP into Google Ads IP exclusion list to stop causing more damage to your Ads Campaign.


Distinctive Capabilities of ClickFraudFree

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Keywords Analysis

We identify the search terms that browsers are using to show your ad and then we allow you to add them as a keyword in your Google AdWords campaing to increase the reach.

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Negative Keywords

On the other side we also allow you to exclude those search terms or keywords that fall outside your target customers. Optimize your target with a simple click!


Friendly Interface

Simple, direct and accessible for any user. Our interface allows you to manage all your campaings no matter which is your knowledge in GoogleAds. All, in a single interface.

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Automatic Geo Targeting

High level prevention system. You can define which is the Geo-locations that apply for your campaign directly on ClickFraudFree, it will automatically update the Google Ads location every 24 hours.

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Taylor-Made Blocking

IP Blocking, per number of clicks, by , by Amount of Time, by Geolocation. We do not only block always using the same rules. Each customer has its own needs, thats why our software has multiple features to be defined by the user.

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We Block

We carry a reliable and auditable record of all the IPs we register. You might surprise yourself that other softwares will not pass an auditing of their records, but we do!

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