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The only restrictions to use CFF is we use the interface through Google Adwords and in english language.

Google Adwords its a system that Google offers to individuals and business to display their ads in the search engine.

When a user searches match with some of the stablished keywords defined in our campaign, our ad will appear leading potential costumers to our webpage.

You can define which words will trigger your ad, your daily budget and a maximum cost per click. Depending on the number of competitors and their bets it is stablished a preference order in the ads display.

The best position being on the top left corner of the results list.

CFF helps us with our daily budget. Reducing the number of clicks made by malicious visitors we improve our exposer to potential leads.

Google Adwords allows us to look at which words were used to find our ads.

For example, some searches for: “Plumber on Manhattan” or “Price for PVC tube Manhattan”. If we are a plumber we might want to exclude the words in the second search term as will not lead interested customers to our webpage. CFF allows us to block those search terms.

Google Ads has some weakness, that anybody, human or bot has the option to click on our ad without any barrier. There is a very limited control system on click fraud by Google.

Only if they recieve and excesive amount of clicks from the same IP they estimate an amount that is returned to us from our budget. We cannot control that and just wait to recive what they deciede to refund.

But with CCF we have a record of all the IPs that are visiting our web, and with the Google Ads tool that allow us to block our Ads from some IPs

Based in real tests, in competitive business where the click can raise its price to even 50€, we have reduced the investment in a 25% and improved the number of entries.

CFF does not have a free trial option. Implementing our software requires personalized attention from our technical team.
Our most economical subscription is $30 US and has no permanence.

Not at all. You can unsubscribe from our services with the push of a button on the subscription page.

There is no problem in case you are a marketing agency, business or an individual, there is available the Agency subscription.

You can ask us for a taylor-made budget to cover any needs with a simple contact formulary.

Yes, we can currently integrate CFF in any website.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

In this case CFF must be installed on the new website to continue working.
We must re-integrate the HTML code.