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Click Fraud: A Comprehensive Analysis with ClickFraudFree

Click fraud, also known as PPC fraud or ad fraud, is a significant issue in the digital advertising industry. It refers to invalid or illegitimate clicks on PPC ads generated by bots, scripts, humans, or any other means². This article will delve into the statistics and trends of click fraud, providing a comprehensive understanding of its impact on the industry.

The Scale of Click Fraud

1. Ad Formats: In 2020, click fraud saw significant increases across all types of ad formats¹. Display ads received the highest amount of click fraud, with 36% of all clicks being fraudulent¹. Connected TV (CTV) ads had the second-highest level of fraud at 17% of all clicks¹. The lowest level of fraud was found on search ads with only 11% of all clicks being identified as fraudulent¹.

2. Fraudulent Traffic: As much as 90% of click fraud is caused by bots (bot farms, click farms, botnets, etc.)². In the US, 77% of all fraudulent traffic is categorized as sophisticated invalid traffic².

3. Ad Fraud Losses: Ad fraud or click fraud is stealing $66 billion in global online ad spending, which is almost 20%². Global businesses are expected to lose $44 billion by 2022 due to ad fraud². PPC advertisers lose $51 million per day due to click fraud².

The Impact of Click Fraud

Click fraud has a significant impact on the advertising industry. It exhausts the budget of advertisers and brings more money for websites that host ads². This level of fraud affects almost every advertiser in some way. From first-hand client data, 83% of advertisers experienced a significant level of fraud in their account over the past 12 months, while only 13% of advertisers experienced little to no fraudulent activity¹.

The Future of Click Fraud

Ad fraud is expected to become the biggest market of organized crime by 2025, worth $50 billion². With the rise of sophisticated fraudulent schemes and the increasing use of bots, the industry needs to take proactive measures to combat this issue. A Solution to Click Fraud is a click fraud detection and prevention service for Google Ads⁶. It monitors all clicks on Google Ads campaigns 24/7 and analyzes them for fraudulent activity⁶. The software automatically blocks fraudulent IP addresses to prevent further invalid clicks and charges⁶. It also provides keyword and geo-targeting optimization tools to help improve campaign performance⁶. Users can set up customizable IP blocking rules based on the number of clicks, time period, and location⁶. integrates directly with Google Ads to automatically update IP exclusions on a regular basis⁶. With, users can identify threats, analyze traffic quality, and protect their ad spend⁶.


Click fraud is a multi-billion dollar problem that needs to be addressed. It not only drains the budget of advertisers but also undermines the integrity of the digital advertising industry. As the industry continues to grow, it’s crucial to develop effective strategies and tools to combat click fraud and ensure a fair and transparent advertising ecosystem. is one such tool that offers a robust solution to this pervasive issue.

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