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July 8, 2022
Fraudulent clicks in Google Ads: how to avoid them
March 11, 2023

We have been running our software for two years with quite some success, we have found that it works consistently.

We are focused on sectors that work in very competitive market niches, with a high cost per click, in which the competition does not hesitate to play dirty.

Consuming the daily budget of the competition, makes them more visible at the same time that it wears down the pocket and the spirit of the one who earns a living in the same sector.

It’s not hard to see the weaknesses of the Google Ads system, which exposes you to anything undesirable with a simple tap of a finger. For not having clueless, indolent, idle people, etc. who are not going to click on your ad, without the possibility of conversion.
Keep in mind that the first click is the only unavoidable one, no software can free you from that click. From that first click we can block the IP so that you do not see our ad again. With this we avoid that there may be a second option to crush our budget.

Click Fraud Free geolocates the campaign automatically every 24 hours, you don’t need to manually delimit it as in other similar software. This way if a click comes in from outside your campaign location (which you should have specified when setting it up), it automatically excludes you from seeing the ad again.
You can also manually block IPs from our platform.

Another aspect that differentiates us from the competition is the possibility of adjusting our campaign by adding and excluding keywords.
You have the complete list of search words used by people who have reached your ad. With this we can see if there are terms that, due to their frequency or quality of use, we are interested in incorporating.

Or on the contrary, we may be interested in excluding terms that lead us to spend a budget without conversion.

You could do it from the Google Ads platform, but it will be more tedious and complicated.

We tracked 35 campaigns using Click Fraud Free for a year.
Comparing with previous years and maintaining the same level of investment, a 20-25% improvement in campaign performance was achieved.
There are ways to circumvent the protection we offer, which I will not explain. What I can say is that they are very complicated and tedious to implement.
In short, we have a very effective and economical tool that I recommend.

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